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Violeta de Outono - EP + Bonus


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VIOLETA DE OUTONO : EP WOP BOP - 30th anniversary edition.

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VIOLETA DE OUTONO : EP WOP BOP - 30th anniversary edition.

Psychedelic rock band lined-up in 1984 in São Paulo, they started making a reputation in the underground scene in the next year, when they recorded a demo tape with the songs "Outono", "Dia Eterno", "Declínio de Maio" and "Reflexos da Noite". The tape got heavy rotation on alternative radio stations in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Building their own sonority by mixing the current tendencies of that time with Floyd/Beatles psychedelia, they rapidly gained attention from audiences and the media. Their concerts, known for their hypnotic atmosphere, became a reference for climatic, spatial sounds.

This debut EP, featuring a shadow-encased psychedelia that managed to attract fans of prog, post-punk and dark/gothic music, were recorded in 1986. it’s a three-track album released by the legendary label, Wop Bop Discos, now rare on vinyl. It includes the songs, Outono, Tropico and Reflexos da Noite, and has became a classic on the Brazilian psychedelic rock scene, earning a cult reputation.


1. Outono (Golfetti, Pastorello, Souza, Sinnecker) 3:18
2. Trópico (Golfetti, Pastorello, Souza) 4:16
3. Reflexos da Noite (Golfetti, Pastorello, Souza) 6:51

Bonus Tracks
(Demotapes 1985)

4. Outono (Golfetti, Pastorello, Souza, Sinnecker) 3:30
5. Transe (Golfetti, Pastorello, Souza) 2:45
6. Dia Eterno (Golfetti, Pastorello, Souza) 3:40
7. Fim do Começo (Declínio de Maio) (Golfetti, Pastorello, Souza) 5:09
8. Lua Azul (Golfetti, Pastorello, Souza) 4:29
9. Luz (Golfetti, Pastorello, Souza) 3:58
10. Violeta ‘67 (Reflexos da Noite) (Golfetti, Pastorello, Souza) 6:29
11. Tomorrow Never Knows (Lennon, McCartney) 3:28

Fabio Golfetti - guitar /vocals
Angelo Pastorello - bass
Claudio Souza - drums

Recorded and mixed at Country Studios, Sao Paulo, in Junho 1986
All compositions by Violeta de Outono

Recorded at Country Productions, June 1986, São Paulo
Bonus tracks recorded during rehearsals, December 1985
Engineered and mixed by Marc Aygadoux
Mastered by Fabio Golfetti at Seven Keys
Artwork by Invisível, original photo “Dunes, Oceano, California”, by Ansel Adams, 1963
Inner sleeve photos by R Tucci and Massarico
Executive production, Rene Ferri & Antonio Albuquerque (Wop Bop Discos)

All lyrics by Fabio Golfetti, except “Outono” by Irene Sinnecker, adapted from a poem by Li Yu - 10th Century

Produced by Violeta de Outono


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Violeta de Outono - EP + Bonus

Violeta de Outono - EP + Bonus

VIOLETA DE OUTONO : EP WOP BOP - 30th anniversary edition.